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Why did Wu Zixu lose his head overnight?

In the white haired witch, it is recorded that the neon is practiced by Zhuo Yi. [reading]

Why is Ci Xi able to succeed?

new arrival

Why is Ji Xiaolan a "tumbler" in officialdom?

But anyway, Ji Xiaolan became an official and died. [reading]

Expose the real murderer behind Yong Zheng's sudden death.

  •  The evolution of Chinese modern beauty in the past century
  •  Two history of peach killing three
  •  How did Du Yuesheng deal with traitors?
  •  Emperor Wanli did not go to court for 28 consecutive years.
  •  What did Princess Jane say before she died?
Wang Jian will win the battle for the society voluntarily.

Today, Xiaobian, the interesting historical editor, has prepared an article for Wang Jian, a great general of the Qin Dynasty. Interested friends are coming to see it. In ancient times, the deeds of high and frequent things often occurred. In general, only when the courtiers appeared to be successful, the emperor would kill them for various reasons. This is done by the emperor's jealousy or anxiety, because those who appear to be good will usually have.

Xue Xian: the founding General of Ming Dynasty, his life was fierce but brutal.

Do you know the story of Xue Xian? When Zhu Yuanzhang led a group of brothers to the south, he had a general named Xue Xian, who fought fiercely and meritorious. He often felt sorry for himself, but his temper was very grumpy. He liked to kill innocent people. Later, when the reward was rewarded, the title of the seal was deliberately dropped, and Zhu Yuanzhang also paid his salary.

Influential man


War History

Historical famous war

Battle of Guandu

battle of Chang Ping

Battle of Julu

Battle of Fei Shui

Battle of Chibi

Opium War

Jia Wu sea fight

Counter-Japanese War

Lugou Bridge

Hundred regiments war

Battle of song Hu

Huai Hai war

Ping Jin war

Liao Shen war

What losses did Cao Cao and Xiahou Yuan lose in the battle of Hanzhoung?

Interested little friends in the battle of Hanzhoung. [reading]

A kind of 大乐透定胆六招

Legend of the stars
Marshal Liu Baicheng: save the soldiers from losing their right eye.
Deciphering Liu Baicheng's battlefield and saving his right eye: a pioneer in protecting the nation's War
Veterans recall: the death of the Japanese Navy chief general, Zhejiang County, Jiaojiang
Finland legend Mannerheim: guardian from tsar to Finland
Secret Japan's six major leaders in Japan: end their sinful life in China
Who are the five loyal ministers of Chu Chu? The final outcome of general Xiang Yu
Secret history of war
Asahi sunbeam battle: legendary battle launched by warship twelve in the history of Anti Japanese War
Secret: the legendary life of women spy in World War II was praised for five divisions.
Uncover the real battle of Chibi: Huang Gai did not get beaten, Cao Cao did not plan against each other.
Secret War: 9 regiment bloody battle Chang Jin Lake lack of cotton clothes truth
The legend of Anti Japanese Heroes: 100 million death squads blood peak
Interesting war
The Japanese self defense force machine guns, which have never been out of barracks, will not be used?
Ying Po's laughing stock in the Japanese War History: attacking India, Ying Er, more than half starved to death
There were many interesting stories in World War II: the US Army used potatoes to repel the Japanese submarine.
Air force fun in World War II: you can shoot down a fighter with a pistol.
Uncovering: a little-known military conflict in China in the past 27 years
The reason for the demise of the Ming Dynasty is related to horses: why is there no good horse?

Secret History


Historical mystery


Encyclopedia of literature and history

Traditional culture More
Why did he hate him when he became a quasi Auntie?

Many people do not understand why they are reluctant to become a real aunt in a dream of Red Mansions. [detailed]

Why did Xue Baoqin replace Lin Daiyu and Xue Baochai as the first choice for Jia Baoyu's daughter-in-law?
Why do Qin Keqing and Wang Xifeng love cats? What is the reason?
Shi Xiangyun and Jia Baoyu are childhood sweethearts? Why didn't you end up together?
Is Jia Baoyu really not fond of Jia Zheng? What is the truth?
How did the daughters of the Grand View Garden pass the Tanabata Festival?
How did the daughters of the Grand View Garden pass the Tanabata Festival?
The six pieces of porcelain representing the highest aesthetic of the Song Dynasty, to what extent?
Fairy tale More
Sun Wukong had a weapon before he got the Golden hoop. Why did he abandon it?

Today, Xiaobian interesting history brings you the related content of journey to the west, and interested readers can follow the Xiaobian. [detailed]

Who are the emperors of ancient times? Why should Shennong try all kinds of grass?
What is the real identity of Li Shan's mother in journey to the west? What are the relevant records in history?
Who is the six rhesus monkey in journey to the west? Uncover the secrets of six ears of macaques.
What does "reincarnation" mean? What does "five cycle" in Taoism mean?
What is "God of all things"? Why did Zhong Kui become the only God in the Taoist immortal?
Is Na Zha "three heads and six arms" or "three heads and eight arms"? What other gods have "three heads and six arms"?
What is the "autopsy" of Taoism? What are the ways of immortality in Taoism?
Idiom story More
The protagonist of allusion: Liang Hong and Meng Guang's love story

Today, Xiaobian interesting history has prepared the story of Meng Guang for you. Interested friends are coming to see it! [detailed]

What is the truth behind the world's reputation?
Who is the hero of "escape from the enemy"? The historical allusion of "retreat from the enemy" is introduced.
What do you mean by "happy to be happy"? What is the meaning of "tile" and "Zhang"?
What is the story of Jing Ke's assassin? There is one more with Jing Ke!
How does it come from night arrogance? What kind of country is "night country"?
How did it happen? Historical allusions that are common.
What does "Shouyang pick Wei" mean? What is the historical allusion of "no food, no food?"

Historical celebrities

Xie Yu Ye Yun Lai Qin Lang Chen Cheng Mondial Zhang Liang Ji He is like a pet Ling Cheng frontier A line name of a fictitious monkey with supernatural powers Henry Harry Arnold Giotto Dibondone Many other places Carrier Galois William Howard Taft Yue Wan Zheng Yun end Miao Po Lin Wang Dao Wei ugly Fu Danger satirize Wang Yan Bin Wang Rong Wang Qi Han Li Chung Jun Na LAN Rong Li He Lu x Fu Summer Hou Wang Yu Yan Guo Jing Huang Rong Lin Ping Zhi Ren yingying Invincible Eastern Zhou Zhi Luo Zhao Min Kai Tai Yang Zhang Xiao Fan Xiaoyao Hou Little boy Shen Bi Jun Treasure Raiders Ximen Qing Pang Tai Shi king of Wu during the Spring and Autumn Period Mr Tung Po hung Han Shu Su Ding Yue Hua

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